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Build your career on your own Dream!

At GSSL – GreenPack Supply Solutions Ltd, we believe in working hard, failing fast and learning ever second. We are constantly exploring ways of making our Client’s work quality full land less non-painstaking.

We are a family of youthful and diverse challengers who are ready to solve problems through use of technology and dedication.

We are what our teams and Client’s are- the growing one in the industry; and the way we reward them is through the opportunity not to leave us.

Why Join Us!

THE BEST FOR YOUR CAREER-The construction sector is the most thriving sector in Bangladesh with a lot of infrastructure development is ongoing and expected to dominant for next two decades.

FRIENDLY WORKING ENVIRONMENT-From Head office to site level we are maintaining an employee friendly environment to motivate the employee working with sincerity.

AMAZING BENEFITS-Competitive monthly salary package and other admissible benefits we provide to our employee. We justify the employee dedication and competency by both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Available Jobs!

Send your CV to career@greenpackbd.com